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Your #1 Hair Extensions Salon

At Studio Nooshin, we offer the highest quality Salon services. Take a look at our service menu below to see the wide range of treatments and special pampering options we offer.


Hand-tied Wefts 

Achieve seamless length and volume with Hand-Tied Wefts. These lightweight veils are hand-knotted with fine thread and designed to lay close to the scalp for maximum comfort and wearability.


Machine-tied Wefts 
Machine Tied Wefts work great for medium to thick hair. 

Their durability also is more forgiving if you want to custom color or chemically process the hair for a more unique style.


The process uses a heating element to attach or fuse the keratin bond and extension to the hair. The fusion method is safe, comfortable and long-lasting.


I-tips are a type of hair extension that latches onto natural hair using flattened microbeads or metal cylinders.  No chemicals, glue, or heat required.

Flat Tip

Flat tip hair extensions are a hybrid between I-tip and tape-in hair extensions. They lay flat and smooth, just like tape-in extensions, and can be installed using microbeads and rings or glue.


The biggest advantage of tapes is that as they are the lightest and least damaging type of permanent extension meaning they are suitable for all hair types from very fine hair to thick. 

Clip-in ponytails & clip-in bangs

This was my first time EVER doing extensions and I could not have asked for anyone better than Myrena. Her expertise is unparalleled and the results I left with were worth EVERY PENNY! The before and after photos speak for themselves.

 Jeanette Morelan

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