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Sarah has been a hair stylist for 6 years & recently joined our studio family full-time. She brings much enthusiasm and skill for the world of cosmetics and self care. As she introduces herself to you, plan to take advantage of all she has to offer.


“From a young age, I have been drawn to the world of cosmetics and hair styling. I was inspired, first by my Mom, who owned a cosmetics business and later, by my aunt, who traveled the world creating hair styles for people who, to me, were larger than life. She was a personal hair stylist to Taylor Swift, delighting in creating a hair style that not only suited her face, but also, her personality.


This is the same enthusiasm & creativity that I bring to each of you. Born in Linden, TN, I am a home town girl, with a big heart and mind for the world of beauty and self care.


After graduating from Aveda Institute, I’ve had six years of experience to hone my skills. I am a Bellami extension artist, a Borboleta lash lift artist, makeup artist, hair stylist, and mixologist. My favorite form of hair art is Balayage. I have also enjoyed preparing countless women for their special wedding day by bringing to life their unique visions of bridal hair and makeup. 

I look forward to helping you create the best, most confident version of YOU!"

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